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Found my perfect haven!


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At the urging of my boyfriend, I got into FS2004 just one month ago.

I joined Froggie Air Virtual and I am addicted!

The people and help system is beyond expected.

No fuss PIREP system to download and I can fly as I choose with 9 full hubs!

The best part is females like me are invited! The VA is owned and operated by two girls! Rare in FS communities!

I was bashed on VatSim but welcomed on Froggie's!

I strongly urge all new pilots to this Virtual!

Free online multi-player server

Free payware aircraft

Over 50 repaints

Awesome help and support.

Family of friends

30 active member strong and growing

Come Fly With The Best!!

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Froggie has got to be one of the most original VA airlines I've ever seen, and the fleet's froggie liveries are very original. Like you, Jen, I've encountered grumpy toads and toadies on VatSim, sorry to say. Though I'm already 'under contract' hauling trash for MAXfreight and military duties, I wish you the best HOPS with FROGGIE!
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It's nice when you find something that works for you, isn't it? Glad you've found a virtual airline that is perfect for you.


I'd add that I'm surprised that there aren't more women in the flight simulation hobby in general. One of my female classmates became a Navy pilot, left when she found she'd be the only woman (or one of a very few) on an aircraft carrier, and ultimately found a career flying for UPS. Alas, she's gone, cancer got her a while back.


I have to agree with ftldave, Froggie does have something interesting going on. Like him, I'm not likely to jump anytime soon, though. Best of luck with it, though.

Robert Smith


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