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Multiplayer is possible with FlightGear.


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I see multiplayer flying is

possible using the Sim: FlightGear.


Was pondering that. Almost posted question here, but just in time thought of using Google first.

And yep, multiplayer possible says Google.


For those that don't know it, Flightgear is a free flightsim. Free download. Open Source software. Much better then you might think a free program is.


I don't have Flightgear installed at the moment, so I didn't look at the multiplayer part in detail.

Had FG for a short time only, when I had a FreeBSD install. (temporarily for testing.). Liked it a lot, especially the scenery. (default has night lighting of streetlights!). Many many different aircraft models available you can install. All free. Only thing I found tricky was the aircraft dynamics, but that may be much better if I had installed it on Windows. Problem was probably my joystick. My joystick didn't work well under FreeBSD. (Driver problems, and no time to look into it much.)


(FG runs on Unix, BSD, Linux, Windows, and Apple!)


Just thought I'd share.:)

Happy flights all,


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I use Flight Gear as my main sim. We have our own servers, along with a client, that I have not used, which says you can connect to VATSIM too. Only downfall is some aircraft are not as well modeled as others, and others plain don't work. But, if you watch out for that stuff, it is a good sim with a good community.
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