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casey jones

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I have Mr Chris Herring's DH-4 Observation plane for FS9, it is here in the library it not a new model. I DL

Mr Mick Morrissey's re-paint of the DH-4 Livery for the US post Office. Mr Morrissey's instructions were to

apply this re-paint to Mr Herring's DH-4 Observation plane for FS9. Mr Morrissey's Re-paint for the DH-4

US Post Office is also here in the library under FS9 Early Aircraft. I am fairly good at re-paints and as a practice

always follow the instructions of the new livery author to the letter. My efforts to apply Mr Morrissey's paint

to Mr Herring's DH-4 Observation plane has been unsuccessful. Mr Morrissey in his instructions for the US

Post Office Livery stated that a DH-4M owed by the Kermit Weeks collection was the mail plane livery

for his re-paint. For me this is a little confusing please excuse me I am 76 yrs old. I saw all the people

that DL Mr Morrissey's re-paint of his DH-4M Post Office Livery...how did they do it?





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You have basically stated the problem in your post description! You tried to add a repaint for the

DH-4M into the Observation DH-4NO M.


It was a matter of changing in [fltsim.1] sim=DH-4 Observation to match [fltsim.0].


I will look to see if I can make the model match in the [fltsim.xx] that was copied over from the repaint README.


UPDATE: It will only show black, so this repaint for the DH-4M Post Office texture will need to go with a DH-4M from Chris Herring, not the DH-4 Observation.


Any statement in the repaint README about using the Observation model is incorrect.



Looks like you went through this same stuff in 2009! http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/19238-Re-paint-of-Mr-Chris-Herring-s-DH-4-Does-Not-Work?p=209417&viewfull=1

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Hi casey jones, I have the same skin installed on the on the DH-4M with no problem, but like you I had to figure it out as well 'cause nothing I did seemed to work either. mrzippy is right on about it. If you want I can zip up a copy of my DH-4M with both of the P.O. skins and send it to you via e-mail. Heck I'll be 71 in two months and I'm still confused over most of this stuff, and I've been doing it since day one.


Steve White

Avon, IN

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