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Thinking about getting the Flight Factor 757 v2, convince me


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Few days ago I just migrated to X-Plane 11 VERY good sim although I'm still keeping my P3D since I've invested in it too much.


I was thinking of getting a good airliner for the sim, a 757 my favorite Boeing that Delta flies a lot. I was thinking about getting the Flight Factor 757 v2 Professional. I heard a lot of good things about it, how is it on systems? Is this a highly complex study level sim like PMDG?


I am a huge systems guy and the lacking of an advanced 757 for P3D has been one of my motives to get X-Plane 11

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It is not a highly complex study level aircraft like PMDG, but it is very very good. My main aircraft is the Flight Factor 767-300ER and I love it and the 757 is slightly better.


If you are looking for a true study level aircraft and don't mind flying a bus, the FF A320 is releasing very soon and as a beta tester I can tell you that its pretty damn good.

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I flew 757's for 9 years, and based upon my experiences with the real thing and also with the heretofore gold standard Level D 767 I would say that the FF757 is a study level sim. Just about everything that I recall from the real thing works realistically in this sim; and although there a few tiny differences in the "handling characteristics" (things only a real world 757 pilot would probably notice) my overall impression is that it is spot on.


Full disclosure - I have never tried the PMDG line, largely because they never put out a 757 or 767. So I cannot comment upon how much more of a "study level" they might be. For the life of me, though, I can't imagine where the higher level of realism might lie! Ya pretty much have to have flown the 757, or studied some books somewhere, to fly the FF well.


As for the Airbus; well except for some years flying the A-300-600R, my mantra has been and always will be: If it ain't Boeing I ain't going!


Tony Vallillo

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