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Advice on buying a new computer for FSX

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I know a million people ask about this but I am about to buy a new PC and my number one priority is that it dominate FSX.


What would you recommend with an absolute maximum budget of $3000?


Right now I'm looking at some of the rigs at jetlinesystems.com as well as at a local custom gaming PC place near me.


So... you have $3000, how would you use it to make the best FSX PC for the price?





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That is a large budget.

IMO, Jetline Systems are way overpriced.

Using their top systems as a model, you can get a virtually identical system built for you.

For the prices they ask, you can have a superior rig.


These sites have Budget Gaming Laptops and Customizeable Desktops:





Of the three, CyberPowerPC has the broadest range of options.

I suggest the Z97 Configurator with an i7-4790K, 16GB of the fastest RAM your budget allows, and a GTX 760(minimum).

The above, Overclocked(extreme w/ 2x120mm h20), SSDs for Windows, and FSX, with a GTX 970, rig should run with the big dogs

I doubt you could do better with $3000 anywhere...Don

HAF 932 Adv, PC P&C 950w, ASUS R4E,i7-3820 5.0GHz(MCR320-XP 6 fans wet), GTX 970 FTW

16GB DDR3-2400, 128GB SAMSUNG 830(Win 7 Ult x64), 512GB SAMSUNG 840 Pro(FSX P3D FS9)

WD 1TB Black(FS98, CFS2&3, ROF, etc.), WD 2TB Black-(Storage/Backup)

Active Sky Next, Rex4 TD/Soft Clouds

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