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Steam EH101 V2 add-on


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Hi all,


After searching around in the forums for an answer, I anticipate this is a aggravating question but here goes...


I'm trying to run the version 2 EH101 in Steam. Of the four files I'm supposed to copy into Steam version, I can only find a home for 3 of them. The modules doesn't seam to exist on my computer. Could the modules be called something else in Steam? Where else could I copy them into? Also, what would it mean if I ran the helicopter without copying these modules files?


I know Steam version of FSX is not great for add-ons. It's all I have at the moment though. If it doesn't make sense to try and run add-ons in Steam, where could I get a box copy of FSX?






64 bit OS

Windows 8.1

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In original FS, the modules folder is in the root the FS installation directory.






No it is not.


A fresh install of FSX will not have a modules folder.


Odds are yours was created when you installed FSUIPC.


You will not find any Microsoft (or Steam) files in that folder.


As for the "version 2 EH101" I am not familiar with that. What do the install instructions say exactly?



the Bean

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