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Changing Blackbox A330 hold radius?????


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hello all,


Ive noticed when I enter holds from waypoints on the Blackbox A330 MCDU that they are really tight so when going around the aircraft has to come back in on itself to continue the downwind leg.


Is there anyway I can edit some settings somewhere to get the holding pattern 'wider@??


Cheers Matt.

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Hi Matt,


You could try adjusting the bank data in the aircraft.cfg file under the [autopilot] section. There you should find a number of entries relating to max_bank that will look similar to these examples - NOTE not from the Blackbox model as I don't own it but from my CLS A330 model.






In this case the max_back= figure denotes 32 degrees of bank - reduce this figure to a lower number should decrease the tightness of the turn but NOTE it will also affect the turn rate at ALL waypoints so the turns will be wider. Also note, that I have seen instances in other model types aircraft.cfg files of entries without all of the zeros e.g max_bank=32 or max_bank=32.0




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