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Currently - Preparing using Indy 4 FSX, that is available here, for the Indianapolis 500 Simulation: The Indy 500 is going to be on May 12th this year. It will include some 30 cars with a top end of about 225-230 mph.


The Indy Track is an 2.5 mile oval. The 500 requires the completion of 200 laps, which also includes about 20 expected pitt stops for refueling.


Streaming up through May 12 is the simulation of the Indy 500 in Indy 4 FSX. To participate, each car is required to meet the 200 lap count, and 20 refueling pitt stop count noted.


Indy 4 FSX Cars ( Ass Cars ) are somewhat faster than the actual's with a top speed for some of about 270+ mph and an Indy 2.5 mile lap time of about 36 seconds.


Each Car is expected to perform about 20 2.5 mile laps within 12 to 14 mins. The must Pitt in order to refuel. Expected remaining fuel when pitting is about 30+%.


Each car is recorded as a separate FS Recorder Track.



( Previously -Just having Fun ! Tested Low End GTs and Vintage Sports Touring cars ( Austin Healy 3000's, Aston Martin DB4 ) at Lime Rock 4 FSX, Le Mans 4 FSX, and Nurburgring / Nordschleife 4 FSX - In review, in dring slower cars, or lets say thoses that top out at 155-160 MPH, can be a lot of fun -


( Previously - At Le Mans 4 FSX testing FSX.cfg Tweak:


Results: - Not Conclusive -


Background: Normally, fsx.cfg tweaks are not recommended nor endorsed here, as some of the conditions for FSX are rather different when being a race car simulator where not having one's graphics card having to eat terrain and cloud tiles.


Still, one tweak is being tested currently - when at high speeds on the Circut de la Sarthe, say at about 250+ mph using ASS Ultra Cars, sometimes the circuit will get somewhat blurry.


Of all things - this setting appears to enable to the road to not loose its sharpness as easily under high speed conditions.



RejectThreshold=524288 // 389120 // 131072 // 262144 //


As long as the improvement remains for the number of cars added to the test, the more will be tested.


Once completed. the test will then be under the conditions of not having the entry above in the fsx.cfg to confirm the baseline. )



(Previously - testing Suspension Adjustments for Indy 4 FSX Hyper Cars at Indy 4 FSX.


In the real Indy World, Indy Cars top about 220 MPH. Indy 4 FSX Hyper Cars can top 280 MPH on Indy 4 FSX's Oval Circuit. Turns 2 and 4 if not handled properly, can cause vehicle bounce. Minor suspension adjustments are being testing for achieving better track handling stability in turns 2 and 4 )


Here is a quick update:


As five (5) major race tracks have been built and tested extensively that include the Freeware Lime Rock 4 FSX V2.0, Indy 4 FSX, Le Mans 4 FSX, Nurburgring 4 FSX, and Pomona Drag Strip for FSX, current development focus has moved forward to vehicle animation.


Over time you should see this show up more and more in the live stream. But currently, its just a lot of racing as a daily event . . . . . -


Streaming over the past few weeks has turned out to be, well, more than just a lot of fun. Its become more like a Dopamine Rush for sharpening the senses.


Assumed originally just for performace testing on low end systems, the streaming experience, in a mannr of speaking, due to its level of Rush, has become a daily event.


A few reasons for the daily events are that there are these great racing circuits as FSX scenery that can provide a real hands on experience that you can get out of FSX; and then an extensive varity of great cars that have been tuned for these racing circuits; and then of course, many FS Recorder Tracks which can be made and used and reused for many events. Just wait till we go multi-user too !


To this end, the following proposed evening (EST) schedule is provided for this channel:


Proposed Schedule: Unless otherwise streaming, figure that there is enough content and variety for covering a 7 day week, where most of the time focus will be as listed as below:


Monday: Lime Rock Classic Formula One Racing

Tuesday: Lime Rock Mid Level GT Racing

Wednesday: Lime Rock IMSA Racing

Thursday: Indy Classic Forum One Racing

Friday: Indy Ultra-Car Racing

Saturday: Le Mans ( Various Categories )

Sunday: Nurburgring ( Various Categories )


( Please note: Day Time Streaming will remain the same - in other words, it is used for any of the tracks, cars and circumstances being tested - )


Some Background:


This Live Stream thread is Fixed thanks to Nels and the FlightSim Team. Whats nice about the Stream Coupling in the Forums, is in being able to share a perpetuated picture of what is going on in real time, where its always changing each day, if not in just a few hours -



It is used here for streaming on dated machines that consist of no more than 4 Gig's of Ram, and dual 2.6 ghz processors for the purpose of performance tuning of Great Race Tracks and Cars from AutoSportsSimulations.com


It is not a specific video, but a direct stream from the Development Machines. Therefore sometimes, its not live – But when it is – You can review tests when they are underway


When the Live Stream is active, its cool to look at it. Nothing is scripted. The intent is to find engineering faults for remediation on low performance machines -


Scenery Analysis is also embraced as when adjusting for various types of traffic, such as even for airlines high above, to weather of all types, and other FPS consumers which are demonstrated from time to time on the live stream –

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Important Updates !
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