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Jetways on steam edition


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Hello fellow simmers. I recently downloaded the steam edition on my pc. I noticed that not only do the jetways not work on any aircraft, I have no functionality to work any gates. I took a look into the control settings and their is not evem a jetway line for me to assign a keyboard function( control + J ) . Am I missing something or is this a new deal with this edition?
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I don't think that command is assignable in the UI, even in original disk version.

If the control exists in the Control.xml file (which I bet it does) it will work if the jetway/gate is animated.


Not all jetways are animated and in some, the aircraft position is a little more finicky.

In some add-ons, there may be no animated jetways.


To test, go to one of the enhanced default airports like LA in a default plane like 737. I haven't found any jetways that don't work there.



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To see the jetways move I think "advanced animations" must be checked on in options-settings-display. Maybe also "special effects detail" to medium required.

(On disk version anyway, I don't have steam edition.)

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For general knowledge the animated jetways utilize what is known as a "skinned" animation. It is also often used to animate pilot figures and the like. "Advanced Animations" enables that type of animation.

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