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Dual monitor question with FSX


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So I got a new monitor for Christmas and I have my old monitor as a secondly display. I put Little Nav Map on the second display. Problem is I have to put FSX into windowed mode otherwise my secondary monitor is black. Is there a way I can use my secondary monitor and use full screen mode? Really sucks to see the Sim in Windowed mode like that. It's a waist of real estate, if you know what I mean.
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The only way I have found is to move all the items that need a window to a remote computer or laptop.


I have a three monitor set-up and like you do not like the windowed mode look. Add to that the fact that in windowed mode you have to switch tasks to the other programs to interact. In my case, the sim continues to run but you have no sim sound or other interactions until you switch back.


I have added a laptop and set up the networking so that I can run many things away from the sim. Now I can use the sim in full screen again. I am currently running Vpilot, Acars, weather, and browsers on the remote system. I may have a look at this LittleNavMap as well as is can be run on a remote computer..


I have found some performance improvements since getting this networking set up. The three monitor set-up caused quite a hit in the FPS area, but I have gained a good bit back now.



Alienware Aurora R13, I7-12700KF, 16g DDR5 4400 memory, 256g NVMe boot drive, 1 - 2t NVMe m.2 drive for Apps, 2 - 1t SSD for Data, GeForce RTX 3080 TI 12g, Windows 11 Pro.
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Yeah, the sound mutes on task switch on the secondary monitor. Prior to that the game would pause, but I turned off the setting to pause on task switch. I think that's in the General settings.


I guess it's not too bad to have windowed mode. My monitor is 27" so it's not like it's too small or anything. Just sucks that you have the window borders when you're flying. Kinda takes away from the realism we all crave for.


I could go networking, but I just put this second monitor in place and I really like my setup. I can play music on the secondary monitor as I fly, view LittleNavMap and the status of AI Smooth. Or was it AI Separation? One of those, I can't remember the correct name now. LOL I should configure both. I have the manual that tells how to do it. Was tired of the landing competition with AI. I so wish FSX had better ATC. As it stands now, not only do I play the part of pilot, and marshal on push back and gate arrival, but ATC as well as I either speed up or slow way down seeing AI on TCAS and hearing them on tower approach my runway. When I win the lotto, and it will happen. LOL I plan on funding a waaaay better Sim. But that's a whole other story. :D I made a thread about that here. I'll have to find it now.

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