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Some AI Aircraft not showing after FS2004 to FSX Traffic File Conversion


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Hi there,


I recently converted my FS2004 Traffic Files to FSX Format. When I used the FS9 Traffic Files with the FS2004 AI Aircraft, in FSX


All AI Aircraft would show on the ground, and in the Air, now not all in the Air, and on the Ground at Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels for example,


no AI Aircraft other than mine. Is that because the FS2004 Aircraft will need to be converted to FSX Format aswell, when the Traffic files are converted to FSX Format? Therefore why do some FS2004 AI Aircraft still show in the Air ?


Some that show in the Air, are FS2004 Native interestingly. Also can FSX AI Traffic Files, be converted to FS2004 AI Traffic File Format ? Could I convert the default FSX Traffic File trafficBoats.bgl to FS2004 Traffic File Format for example ? and an NL2000V4 Military Traffic File ? Any help and info would be appreciated



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Hi Eddie,


First, I am a bit confused by your statement in the second paragraph. Are you stating that:


A. Before adding the converted traffic files you had plenty of FSX AI models but now only see FS2004 models...........OR............

B. After adding the converted traffic files you see FSX AI models and FS2004 models but some of the FS2004 models you were expecting do not show.


If A - check to make sure that you haven't inadvertently added any FS2004 format traffic files into FSX. A single FS2004 format file will kill ALL FSX AI traffic/models and will only display any FS2004 models installed.


If B - make sure that you have copied over all of the FS2004 models into a folder that FSX can see.


As for your other Q's.......


Generally, there is no need to convert FS2004 models into FSX models as most will work OK or with minor errors - for example sometimes lights may not work or display correctly. You could search to see if there any FSX replacements out there and amend the traffic file aircraft entries to use the new model. Depending on the source of the original traffic files (and the models) you might be lucky and have access to converted models. For example, I have a lot of FS2004 based scenery packages from MAIW (Military AI Works) installed. Over the last 18 months or so, developers associated with MAIW have been converting FS2004 models into FSX and, in most cases, it is a simple task of overwriting the old FS2004 models with the new FSX models. Some of the updated model packs come with updated FSX format traffic files as well.


Whilst, in theory, you could convert the FSX AI files into FS2004 format, you can not use the FSX AI models as, in most cases, they won't display. Those that may display will not function correctly, if at all.


Search the library here at FlightSim or on other sites (such as AVSim) and you will find plenty of free AI boat files for FS2004. You may also b e lucky and find replacement FSX model files with traffic files for some of the FS2004 models.


As for the NL2000 V4 files - head over to the NL2000 website and download the NL2000 version 3.0 special edition pack - its for both FS2004 and FSX- it may contain a FS2004 version of the specific V4 file, especially as many of the current V4 files were updates of the V3 version.




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Hi Brian,


Yes the problem I am having, is referring to statement B, that you made. I was thinking about what you said in that statement and :-


I have the following Area in my Scenery.cfg File in FSX :-



Title=Default Terrain







However I couldnt find one, in the Scenery.CFG File,


which had Local=Scenery\World\Scenery which as you know is the path, to where the Traffic Files are in FSX.


Should I have one, that looks something like this, in my Scenery.CFG File ? :-



Title=AI Traffic Files







I tried copying all my FS2004 AI Aircraft, to the Simobjects/Airplanes Folder in FSX, and the problem remained.


Thanks for all your help so far



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probably not all fs9 filesconverted then.

use aifp to check the entire fsx folder in one go.

also check folders with addon scenery that you have installed and activated but are not in the fsx folder. They can also contain trafficfiles.


It has little to do with the planes.

a panel will just make it show up in the selection list. nothing else.

sounds cansound wrong. but won't make a plane not appear.

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Hi Eddie,


WRT the scenery entries - The Aera.001 entry you have listed for scenery.cfg file is correct. Where and what is the scenery.CFG file that you refer to.


On a standard install of FSX there are a number of scenery.cfg files scattered in a number of locations. Some are there just as a form of backup or reference (for example the copy you will find in the main FSX root directory is one such example - if yo check the date you will see its from 2007 and if you open it, it only contains details of the default FSX areas). The 'live' scenery.cfg file (i.e the one that gets updated when you add new scenery) is located in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX folder.


Also, on my installs of FSX (I have 2 rigs with FSX installed) I have no scenery config files that have the .cfg extension in capitals.


WRT the additional entry - If you have installed all AI traffic files into the defaultScenery\World\Scenery folder then there is no need for a separate entry in the scenery.cfg file. If however, you install them in a different folder then that does need to be added as per any other scenery that you add - i.e via the FSX scenery settings page. For example, I actually install NO addon 3rd party traffic files at the default location. Mine are installed OUTSIDE of FSX (along with most of my addon scenery) in a dedicated folder system.


WRT the simobjects - The AI models do need to be treated as other Simbojects and, therefore, must be placed at least within a SimObject folder. Again though, as with scenery, you do not need to use a default location. My preference is to install AI in a separate folder from the default simobjects - I have for example Simobjects\AIFastJets, Sibobjects\AIHeavies, SimObjects\AIHelo etc.


To do this you need to:


A. Create the new holding folder within the SimObjects folder

B. Edit the FSX.cfg file so that it can see the new folder. Open the FSX.cfg file and locate the [Main} section. Within the [Main] section you will find SimObject entries similar to this example:












The items in RED are examples of what you need to add to ID the new folder(s). On one of my rigs I actually store AI objects outside of FSX but the principle is the same - in that case the RED line items read:





WRT the problem - It can be down to


A. A missing/corrupt traffic file. .

B. Missing models.

C. Timing/viewing - by this I mean that you are looking at a location at a time when the AI model is not scheduled to be there.

D. No suitable parking for the model at a specific airport.


I'll tackle these in reverse order......


D. If there is not suitable parking at a airport the AI will act at follows:


1. Departure airport - not display at all.

2. Arrival airport - will either overshoot, land and sit on the runway or taxi off the runway and then sit on the taxiway. IME the first happens when there are NO taxy links/parking slots at all, the second happens when there are parking slots but none are connected to the runway and/or taxiways and the third happens if there are either no empty slots or no suitably sized 'radius' or 'type' slots. In the cases of the second and third occurrences the AI usually timeout after 5 mins and disappear.


By radius I mean the size of the parking area. By 'type' I mean this - parking slots are 'coded' as 'types' such as 'Parking', 'Gate', RAMP, RAMP_Cargo, GA_meduim' and so on.


Generally, the AI engine will allocate parking based on this info and certain items defined in the aircraft,cfg file of all SimObjects. So, if for example, at an individual airport that only has spots configured for small to medium sized aircraft, a B737 may be able land and taxy correctly but the bigger B747 may only land, exit the runway and go no further because the airport does not have large enough spots for it.


C. See comments in sub para 3 below.


To investigate the A and B further will probably be a long time consuming process but I suggest this plan of action......


1. Remove all traffic files.

2. Remove all AI models.


If you can ID those traffic files and AI models that work you can leave them installed and only delete the ones that don't appear to show.


3. Check a tratffic file and note what AI models are used, airports used, timings etc. Install the traffic file and associated AI models and then test. Make sure that you go to a departure airfield at least 20 mins or so before the planed departure time of he AI model as it should be loaded parked up ready for the flight. Also note that normally the AI engine has a default time allowance that allows around 10/15 mins startup/taxy time so the AI model should spring to life about 10/15 mins before the specified departure time.


If the flightplan is for a single model and it works as advertised go on to the next. If more than one model you will need to check that the models themselves individually.




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