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Flying in Alaska


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Hello guys,


For many years I did fly the heavy stuff across Europe.

After all these years I wanna do something i'll never done before.

Flying over Alaska with A prop aircraft, but where too start.

Does anyone know Wich scenery I have to download and install to get the best out of it.

I'm not familiar with and in Alaska, I only knows that it is very pretty around there.


Every idea is welcome and very usefull.


Thanks in advance too everyone who put time in this matter.


Happy flying all


Freedom is in the sky

By Leon Charlier

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The Misty Moorings scenery is popular (http://www.mistymoorings.com/); Roger Wensley has created numerous airports and small fields for the Alaska and western Canada area (in the libraries here); and an assortment here - http://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004/alaska.html ; and the Glacier Bay area - http://www.allflightmods.com/flight-simulator-2004/fs2004-scenery-enhancements-terrain-mesh-glacier-bay-national-park-alaska/
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First of all thank you XTC and JGF for those awesome tips.


I did start with looking at FS-addons and must say I was very lucky because it was on sale, only 9,99 hihi so I bought the Tongass Fjords along with the Misty Fjords pack. I installed them and did visit the Misty Moorings place. Also an awesome place but that's all I can say because I'm stuck. I did get the basis scenery package and install them also. Then there is so many that I don't even know where to look further. I like the base so I want too try out the rest.


1. They talk about FS Enhancer 2004, but when I hit the link I got an error.

2. They work with EZ-Landmark, do I need too get them all??

3. Under the tab "Environmental" there are many many files do I need them all??

4. Some files don't have a description within the download so I'm not really sure where too place them.


This looks awesome but need some help. I got always serial - enter - install and fly hahahahahaha so this is completely new for me.


Thanks in advance


Freedom is in the sky

By Leon Charlier

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I have been exclusively flying only in and around Alaska in FS2004 since before FSX first came out. with that said I'll help as best I can. Follow along and you'll do not only just fine but will never go back to a jetliner again ;)


To get the best experience possible there's a few things you will definately need. the rest will be entirely up to you and your tastes. download what suits you.... Alaska "Bush" flying is all about STOL aircraft. "Short Take-Off and Landing" aircraft. these work the best. Such aircraft would be like the default Cessnas. But true Bush planes are a bit more "Unique". Amphibians, Ski equipped aircraft. etc. Such examples are the Dehavilland DHC-2 "Beaver" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Maule in all variations (ski, amphib, float, tundra wheel, etc), Piper J3 Cub, and the list grows exponentially. Another classic seen alot up there is a Douglas DC-3. Thru this post I'll give you some sites as well as search terms to help you get started. And as always feel free to message me. I'll help where I can. OK let's go deeper down the Bush rabbit hole now.... :pilot::cool:


There are a virtual TON of addons out there. and you can easily find yourself getting iverwhelmed and frustrated. possibly give up. So let's "KISS" it. Keep It Simple Simmer :p Let's move on to needed stuff. Again, pick what you would like. But things I put a * are highly recommended. Things with *** are needed (well not needed. but would give the best experience)



Think small. Usually single engine props. And most would be older. Pre-1980ish. Not all. but majority. Some good search terms to help you find some early on are searching for Bush Flying Unlimited (BFU to simmers). The Grumman Goose is an awesome starter aircraft to use. Dehavilland DHC-2 Beaver (mentioned earlier), Maule, Piper J3 Cub (not the default. use an addon), Piper Pacer, Cessna 140, 150, 152, 172, 182, Cessna 206, 208, try searching for things like "Tundra Tires, Amphib or Amphibian (try both. some use short hand), Skis, Float Plane. Also use not just FlightSim.com. USe the sites I'll list shortly. But especially if you want slightly larger aircraft would be CalClassic. They have some Douglas DC-1, DC-2 and 3s. As well as other smaller prop aircraft. Like the Boeing 247.




This is up to you. BUT I do agree with above posts. Make sure to get the freeware Glacier Bay V2. MAKE SURE it's Version 2. V2 is not compatible with V1!! I would suggest stay with the 3 you currently have (misty fjords, tongas, and glacier bay we mentioned). Start slow. Get used to and familiar with the area. look for more addons later. When you know your surroundings better. Also always make sure they're compatible with Misty, Tongass, and Glacier if installing in the same area that they cover.


Scenery Install:


Most would go into the Addon Scenery folder. Just drag and drop them into it. Then use the ingame scenery library. The ones with no description can you list them? So I can help further??!!


FS Enhancer: Lago went out of business. HOWEVER your in LUCK!! https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=LAGO_FSE.zip&x=0&y=0

You'll find it there.

The EZ-Landmark and FS Enhancer I never used. NEVER. You don't necessarily need any additional files unless an addon you download specifies you absolutely NEED it.


Worth Mentioning:


FS Cargo, Cargo Pilot, and AirHauler are all worth having. You don't need all 3. Just 1 will do. They add realism. And give purpose to your flights in the Bush. I have all 3. But mainly use AirHauler. FS Cargo is also awesome cause it adds visual eye candy. In short: AirHauler you pre-select a load, then click fly. It loads the sim with the cargo loaded (added weight). and you fly. Damage and bad habits will cost maintainence. But also allows you to earn $$$. Buy new bases. Hire more pilots. Buy new aircraft. etc. etc.... FSCargo however does not. It does load the cargo's weight tho. In FSCargo you pull up to a visual parking space (it has lights and cargo and such around the space) and load up, or unload. You can create more yourself. Fairly easily. HOWEVER that's the catch. you either have to build your own or download created ones. And there's not a whole lot. AirHauler works with EVERY AIRPORT! Default, 3rd Party, Payware, Freeware, WHATEVER :cool: Highly recommend if you continue to get bit by the Bush Bug.


Now get flying simmer!! Hope this was helpful for now. I''l add more if I think of it. And feel free to message me if you need any help getting used to the Bush.


Recommended Sites:

Simviation: Great source for aircraft, scenery, etc.

CalClassic: Great for older props. In the Bush use the smaller ones.

MistyMoorings: Again good for Bush

FlyAwaySimulation: Again good source of small planes

FlightSim.com: The original site for everything flight sim


Many have gone by the wayside now. a simple google search will turn these up.


1 Final Note: Bush Planes fly low and slow. No 10,000ft altitudes here. Stay just above the treetops. 1,000ft above ground or less. Alot of the strips you'll be visiting are unmarked and/or unlit. Keep that in mind and you'll do just fine. I'll give a great tutorial for you:

Download Glacier bay and install using the self installers in both V2a and V2b zips. NOw load Flight Sim. Start at Juneau Int. Then just "Strip Hop" to the next nearest airport. and continue on down the line. Going east/southeast. Hit as many as you can. A notable one is Snettisham. Airport code 7AK2. Try to "End" in Ketchikan" for the day. hit as many airports as you can find on the way. Just hoping around. see the sights, hug the canyon and mountain walls. follow the rivers. STAY LOW. go around mountains instead of try to climb above. "Weave Around" the landscape. Rather than fly high above.


Happy trails and keep the shiny side up pilot. I'll catch you on the flip :pilot:


The Ol' Topdog

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Actually I have a better tutorial flight :-) (using glacier bay)


Start out at Skagway PAGY and head to Haines PAHN. Take-off and follow the inlet waterway to the south. do not go over the mountain. stay about 500FT above ground. when the inlet cuts to the right follow it, and begin lining yourself up with Haines.


From PAHN head to Gustavus PAGS, from Gustavus head to Wood Lake RAWL (this is only included with Glacier bay. if no glacier bay skip this stop). Next head to Hoonah PAOH. From Hoonah headd to Juneau PAJN. From Juneau head to Snettisham 7AK2. (this one can be tricky. take-off and land on the water side. NOT the mountainside.) From Snettisham head to Kake PAFE. From Kake head to Johnson PAPG. Then Wrangell PAWG. Finally head to your final stop for the day. Ketchikan PAKT.


That will give you an awesome flightplan showcasing alot of Glacier bay and the Bush. Reminder: a bush pilot brings much needed goods, supplies and passengers to remote areas. Usually in uncontrolled and barely maintained remote strips as well as small towns. Most Bush flying is done low and slow. As weather, winds, etc can play havoc. So staying just above treetops helps with flying. (visual sights, etc).

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