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Creating FSX Scenery Files from Satellite Images


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I recently purchased the Generation X photo realistic scenery which I think is excellent, although the images of my home town are probably about 10 years old.


I then got to thinking how easy would it be to create small areas of scenery in FSX using satellite images copied from a popular website ;-) I am only thinking about my local area here, not a large chunk of the UK, and the project would only be for my own use.


The satellite images would obviously be flat 2D pictures that would need to be viewed from a height to look good, just like the Generation X software.


I am quite computer literate but have never written any scenery for FSX, but am happy to learn.


But before I start could I ask someone how easy would it be to create the scenery from a flat image? If I compile a satellite image of my local town in one or a series of JPG or BMP images, how easy would it then be to turn them into scenery files for the simulator?


Presumably since I am not going to be actually creating any 3D objects or scenery content it would this be easy...?


Your advice is much appreciated, before I get started and maybe find it tougher than I thought :-)

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There is a massive amount of photoscenery available depending on where you want to have there are loads of free sites where you can download gb's of scenery or you can make your own, the guys at Simhaven will also be willing to help you


Welcome to Simhaven

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