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Can't see my plane!?

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WHen I have preview direct x 10 off I can see smaller planes like the cesna but I can't see bigger planes. When I enable preview direct x 10 I can, Whats wrong?



My gpu is amd R7 260

12GB of ram





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Some thoughts:


Don't use DX preview. This was a limited demonstrator and FSX was not optimized for it.

While there is a DX10 add-on available, it's experimental and not supported by the developer and is not 100% stable. Some people swear by it, but for now, just disable it and keep it that way.


Set your desktop resolution to the highest recommended setting which SHOULD be the default native resolution of your monitor. Same with color bit (usually 32.)

Set DPI to 100%.


In the sim, set the resolution and color bit to the same as your your desktop.


Just to make sure, shut down FSX and restart it.


If this does not correct, then make sure your graphics drivers are updated to latest and your graphics controller desktop application has the 3D options set to default.



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Are these the default planes or planes you have added to FSX?


Besides the DX10 Preview setting, none of this is due to your FSX settings or your video card drivers or settings.

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