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New KLM Virtual on FSAIRLINES. No ranks and fleet restrictions. No exams


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Dear Pilots,


We are starting up a new KLM Virtual based on FS Airlines System, we have routes enough to start operations, along the next week all routes and fleet will be added.


No previous experience required and no fleet restrictions, so everybody can fly any aircraft of KLM fleet including KLM City Hopper fleet (Embraer... and so on)


Our intention is not have a full and a great website, we want to opérate as KLM Virtual and enjoy about this virtual Company with an easy way.


All of you are welcome


Once registered in FS Airlines just search for KLM Virtual.

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We have failed to read his post correctly. He is trying to have a virtual airline without a website. Which means that a search for a virtual KLM will lead you elsewhere.


Were I looking for a virtual airline, I wouldn't choose one trying to do without a website. Further, that website had better indicate a dynamic virtual airline, a minimum of deadwood, with a fair number of things going on. I'm also not interested in one whose ACARS system includes advertisements, and isn't even full featured for the pilots for free. That's FSAirlines, kiddies.


In the meantime, one virtual version of KLM easily let's you see that they have, at the moment, 13 pilots in the process of a flight, which is impressive.

Robert Smith


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You have a point. If I could disable my signature for individual posts, I'd have done if for this one.


Nevertheless, what I said about his ACARS system is basically true.


I actually couldn't find his KLM Virtual on the page where FS Airlines list their VAs. That may be because there are a lot of them, most of them one man operations that are inactive, and the eyes tend to gloss over things after so much scrolling.


In this case, I mentioned the VA I fly with because I know what we do, and probably why we do what we do to keep things looking lively.


The irony is that the more we discuss this, the more people are likely to look at his VA.


One last thing. These people, just from my first impression, make any other attempt at doing a KLM Virtual an attempt at trying to rehang the moon. Looking at this, I admit to being tempted.



FS Airlines Pricing resized.JPG

Robert Smith


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