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Attention airport developers


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When you make the taxi lines for the parking spaces make sure they are at least 50-100 feet wide. The reason why I say this is because I use the ATC in the game and when you use the progressive taxi to get to your parking spot and try to park, the ATC message window never changes so that you can select ground, tower or ATIS. This is due to the taxi line being so thin that the Sim doesn't detect that you hit the right spot. This has happened to me in FS2004 as well. I always had to go in and edit all of the taxi line widths which was a major PITA.
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Itemized clearance for understanding as follows:


A) I do use progressive taxi.


B) I can't hit that tiny smidgen of a spot since the taxi width is only 1 meter wide. The detect spot is EXTREMELY small! Thus a wider taxi path is needed.


C) Like I already mentioned. I have edited these AFCADS with the tiny 1 meter wide taxiways and it fixes the problem.


D) Doesn't happen at the airports with a proper taxi width. Especially the default airports with a width of at least 50 feet. You park dead center and the ATC window changes as was intended. Bad enough I have to play the role of a marshal as well as pilot just to guide in. Let alone a tiny taxiway width that no matter how you park or slew your A/C you don't hit the detect spot. Very irritating.

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