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ASN / AS2012 performance and surface wind questions.


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Guys, I am seeing reduced performance with ASN, is this due to its specific engine?

I still have no idea how to "swap" textures, I have great (3x better) visuals with AS2012 at better fps rate, sounds like it doesn't make sense unless it is what I think about the differences in engines.


Another question, can you disable surface winds (I can't keep it on the center-line) and still have winds aloft active?

I think FSX doesn't distinguish between surface and aloft winds but AS2012 may do.

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ASN "Settings" gives a multitude of options, including max surface wind...Don

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Hi Don, I think I got it - I can keep the winds aloft checked, and reduce max surface winds.

Not knowing the accuracy of FSX however, I'm afraid the winds aloft will exist at the surface as well -))))))))

I gotta try it out and experiment. Note I want to stay with AS2012 for a bit longer, I assume I can do this with AS2012 as well.

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One of the purposes of ASN is to teach you real world pilot practices including PLANNING you flight.


ASN give you all the tools to know if the your destination has winds you and your plane cannot handle so rather than flying into trouble, you fly a different route or use your alternative airport.


ASN and 2012 are completely independent from each other.


One reason to use ASN is a pilot which wants more accurate real world weather.

When you dumb down the default settings, you are essentially throwing out the reality part of the simulation which ASN allows you to do as did HiFI's previous products.


Learning how to cooperate with real world weather is an important part of maturing as a pilot and the resulting satisfaction you get from that.


ASN gives you the tools to know what the weather is going to be at your desired destination. Look at the wind speeds and direction. If they do not match to the runways available or the wind includes gusts, use ASN to find an airport where the conditions are calmer and on the runway headings. The SEARCH tool in ASN will make this EASY!



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Thanks Pv, that explained it well.

I'm not ready for "procedural flying" yet. At present I enjoy different airplanes and the interaction with their systems and FMCs, there are too many airplanes and I must "play" enough with them all, before being bored and starting looking for other excitement such that - procedural flying, this process is a year away at least.

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