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AI aircraft

goat of mendes

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I take it you are doing this manualy and not from a program that installs them all for you.

First you need TTools and read the instructions, basically you create 3 text files:





I put *** but you name them whatever you wish, then copy the the name of the ai arcraft in to the Aircraft file, copy and past the airports from the default Airports file, then either create your own flightplans or download some and copy them in to the Flightplans file.

It seems complicating but once you get started it is great fun and you will be adding more as you go along.


You really need to read the instructions in TTools.

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A couple of things, when you created the traffic bgl, did you place it in an active scenery folder? Are you at the airport at the correct time? Flightplans use GMT and not local time. Also, the planes specified in the aircraft.txt match the title= in the aircraft.cfg? Are your traffic levels high enough? Oh yeah, did you by chance create a FSX format traffic file? It won't work in FS9.
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