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A few friends over, one didn't make it quite here...


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I have been overwhelmingly busy these past few months, but happy to see there are lots of good posts from the usual culprits and from new people.

Anyway, invited a few friends for a party at my private isle, just to celebrate the good weather lately, no more of those nasty hurricanes.:(

Everyone made it in and out safely, except one. This poor fella never showed up, and last I heard he was spotted floating somewhere around Dominica. I guess someone will at least inherit the well worn noble title.:)


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That's NOT fair you hear! :mad: It wasn't my fault, there was a small misunderstanding about the navigation!:o


:)Hi Jan, a guest who did show up at the party on time and who regularly posts great screenshots here BTW, he did manage to take a picture of someone that remarkably resembles a certain nobleman. Poor fellow actually missed the pool dive, and the help had to spend a whole day scrubbing the tile after the mishap.;)


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