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Is there an F6U Pirate for FS2004 anywhere?


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Looking for an F6U Pirate for FS2004 .


Do you know of any please?


That airplane was built in 1947. It's air intake was mounted on both wings near the fuselage. The engine was mounted on the back 1/3 of the plane. Back then they were using fuselages from propeller piston aircraft. It was flown by the US Navy. The Westinghouse J34-WE-22 turbojet only produced 3,000 pounds of thrust, just one-third the aircraft’s loaded weight. Regardless of all the corrections the plane was still to heavy. Because of this it became obsolete before production.


The Pirate ended its brief career by helping to develop carrier arresting gear and crash barriers, and other more ignominious fates. The thirty production jets racked up only 945 hours of total flight time, and some had a mere six hours on the airframe, just long enough to certify the aircraft for acceptance and ferry it to its final resting place.


So basically you asking for a plane that would end up falling out of the sky quickly. I to did a search for one for FS2004. Ended up at this page http://oppositelock.kinja.com/vought-f6u-pirate-1733900289


That page is where I got my information from...


Most developers probably never heard of it, if so they wouldn't make it because it was under powered, made one but never released it and flown it for personal enjoyment, or would never make it because it they feel the flight sim community wouldn't want it.


This isn't to say no developer will or won't. You could learn how to create one yourself or wait for a developer to release one. There really isn't much information available on flight characteristics other than being a dead weight in the sky.


Since we both didn't find one this thread could be a 'bug' in an interested developer who loves the vintage aircraft from the post WW2 era. My bes advise is the wait and see at this time.

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I recall downloading one ages ago; no VC, default gauges, aliased sound; possibly a conversion of a CFS or CFS2 aircraft. A quick search divulges nothing though.


If it didn't fall out of the sky and was fast it was not realistic. Maybe it would be great to have a add-on that simulated the real thing and didnt fly well just falls out of the sky.

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