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Runway Infi Gauge Data


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Started using the Runway info gauge for FS2004. Works great but I would like to add the ILSs for the airports I created or have added to the existing airports. I noted that the Prwydata text sheet from which the gauge gets data shows the default airports only. I can see the ILS frequencies and headings there, also I noted that the first number is the airport altitude. But do not know what the other numbers mean? I would envision just to enter the line in Prwydata text sheet to show my own airport but if anyone knows what the other numbers mean ?? it would be much appreciated:


Sample from the Prwydata:

KMMU MORRISTOWN_MUNI 187 05_---_000_5999_---_049 13_---_000_3998_---_127

23_ILS_228_5999_110.30_229 31_---_000_3998_---_307


I have underlined the sections I do not understand.

Many Thanks


Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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Many thanks Tom,

I actually found some forum where this is all explained. Sorry, should have made more effort prior to posting this.

This is from the forum for those who need more details:


06 = Runway number

ILS or --- = ILS or not

059 = Course setting (this will be "000" if not ILS)

11483 = Runway length

110.55 = ILS frequency ("---" if none)

060 = Runway heading


And each airport section begins with airport info. Again using Schiphol...




EHAM SCHIPHOL = ICOA code and Airport name

-11 = Airport altitude

EHAM Example:

EHAM SCHIPHOL -11 1L_ILS_005_10812_108.75_005 1R_ILS_005_11134_110.30_005 04_---_000_6608_---_043 06_ILS_059_11483_110.55_060 09_---_000_11329_---_089 18C_ILS_184_10826_109.50_184 18L_---_000_11155_---_184 18R_ILS_184_12467_110.10_184 19L_---_000_11134_---_005 19R_ILS_185_10812_109.50_185 22_ILS_223_6608_109.15_223 24_---_000_11483_---_240 27_ILS_269_11329_111.55_269 36C_ILS_003_10826_108.75_004 36L_---_000_12467_---_004 36R_ILS_004_11155_111.95_004

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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