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Aircraft Engine sound problem


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The prop plane sound is most probably the default sound when there is an issue with any added specific sounds for your plane type.

You speak of a sound "file" but each aircraft FOLDER should contain it's own sound "FOLDER", which in turn should contain any number of .wav files ... and .... a sound.cfg file. The .wav files should be specific for your plane type and should be able to be played individually when double left clicking on each of them.


Hope this helps.



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Also the sounds an aircraft will use are determined by its engine type; so a prop plane will not use jet engine sounds, and vice versa. And if you are just swapping .wav files you may not get appropriate sounds because the sound.cfg calls specific file names. And if your aircraft is aliased to another aircraft's sounds, just adding sound files to its sound folder will do nothing because its sound.cfg is referencing an entirely different folder.
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