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Joystick of configuration problem


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Hello to everybody.

I want to describe what is happening to my FS2004 everytime I fly. Apparently when taxiing the nose wheel seems to turn to the right by itself. It's easy to keep the center line. But when in the runway and applied full throttle the nose wheel turn inmediately to the left 90º and it's extremely hard to keep the line.

Does anyone had ever something like?

Could anybody give me a clue how to repair it?

Thanks in advance all your kind cooperation in this matter.

Sorry if I had made any fault in my English.

José María


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Hi Jose:


That's an interesting dilemma. In assuming that you have calibrated your joy stick, and have not lost calibration; that Auto Pilot is not on, that multiple engines are in sync, per 'every time you fly' - have you tried various aircraft at different airports? And have you tried locking the rudder when on the ground as a test too?





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