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File Deletion Recycle Bin Problem

Ray Hff

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On my Windows 8.1 computer, deleted files of any kind go to the Recycle Bin; but, anything deleted from my FSX folder does not. Anything from the FSX folder is premanently deleted.


How can I fix this so all deletions go first to the Recycle Bin?

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Hi Ray,

I can't check directly as I'm using Win 7 but this may be of some help. In Win 7 if you open the recycle bin and then click on organize and properties you see the following:


The option to bypass the recycle bin is there. Only the entire drives behavior can be set. With all your files on "C" I can't see how only the FSX folder files could bypass the recycle bin. In any event System restore should restore the FSX files except for ".cfg" as these are treated as text files and those are not protected. Perhaps there's no room for any new files?

And be aware that the Recycle bin is not a physical location but simply a listing that Windows uses as to the state of all the files on the computer.

Jim F.

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When I run FSX or anything, I never run it as an administrator.


In turn, from a non administrative log in, I have to administratively okay any deletion.


The files deleted never show up in the recycle bin; but, I've now discovered that if I switch users and log back in as administrator, they do show up there. (It'd be great if I had a way to access the Recycle Bin as administrator from a common login. I need to figure that out.)


As for .cfg and .txt files commonly deleted, they do in fact go to the recycle bin.


I've also learned the following:


"Each drive on Windows has a hidden and protected system folder called as $Recycle.bin. If you use the Unhide option from the Folder Options, you will be able to see this folder. When you delete files or folders from your desktop or any other folder, they are moved to the Recycle Bin folder for holding. But you may face a problem where your Recycle Bin gets corrupted and you have to repair or reset it.


If you repair or reset it, the Recycle Bin folder in Windows 10/8/7 gets deleted. Windows will automatically create a new $Recycle.bin folder."

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I don't want my screen shots (with V key) on drive C

So in C:/My Pictures

I created a Symlink called:

Flight Simulator X Files

(has to be that name)

which links to a folder on D.


Everything that's sent to

C:/My Pictures/Flight Simulator X Files

actually ends up in:

D:/flightsim pics/FSX Screenshots


If I double click the symlink in C:/My Pictures

I see my screenshots folder as if it is on C

The "bar" at the top of the Window also says:

C:\Users\[uSERNAME]\Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files


But the files are actually on D

If I delete a file I see after double clicking the symlink on C

it looks like I'm deleting from:

C:\Users\[uSERNAME]\Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files

But I am not. It is deleted from D.

If "Recycle Bin' is on for C, but not for D, then that file would be deleted without ending up in the recycle bin.


If recycle bin is on for D, it does end up in the bin.


In the location on C are zero kilobytes. keeping mydrive empty.

I know this, because I made that symlink.

(but view "properties" of the Symlink" and it indicates the 7.2 Gb that are actually on D.)

Unless you know it's a symlink, you would think there's 7.2 Gb's on C.



The same could be true for your entire FSX install. (or for part of it.).

Even addon installers are "fooled" by this.

They try to install in C:FSX

But if there is a symlink there instead, the files of the Addon are sent to C:FSX but the symlink sends them on to the file location you pointed the symlink to.


To all intents and purposes the files look and work as if they are on C, even though they are actually stored somewhere else instead.

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Hi again,

Just so there's no confusion. When you post " As for .cfg and .txt files commonly deleted, they do in fact go to the recycle bin." I'd like to clarify. These files go to the recycle bin but if you empty the recycle bin and then do a system restore those files will not be restored. Text files are not restored as older versions would replace the newer versions.

Jim F.

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