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The Lake District

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This is The Lake District as depicted by the MegaSceneryEarth 2's England & Whales scenery package. Not so bad in my opinion, seems many in our community like to bag on PC Aviator in favor of Orbx. John and his team make stunning little airports (BTW where's Van Nuys, CA) and innovative scenery products but I prefer photo-real.



















Note: I was flying very low & slow, were talking 50-500 feet, still looks great for a photo-scenery.

Sorry for the German registration since it's non existent for the UK version of this aircraft.

Hoped you liked this pictorial, please comment if you wish...Darryl

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Van Nuys is in Los Angeles, essentially. It's one of the "smaller" (everything is relative, my son, as Al once said) cities LA just sort of...absorbed as it got bigger and bigger. And it did. Got bigger, and absorbed, both. Still is, far as I know, although it's running out of "basin"...And time, if the geologists know anything at all. It's waaaay overdue a major (9.0 or larger) earthquake on the main fault, and the tension keeps rising...


Anyway, hope my babbling helps a little...



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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