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Cyborg keyboard in Win 10

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Hi all,


I have the original Saitek Cyborg keyboard - several years old - which worked perfectly in Win 7. Now I got a new computer with Win 10 and I cannot find a driver for that combination. Lots of Googeling can find nothing from Saitek or Madcatz only lots of offers from driver update programs that want to update all your Win 10 drivers. I am leary of these programs due to bad experiences in the past.


Has anybody found workable software for this keyboard in Win 10?

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Thanks Brian - sorry I have been distracted for a couple of days. I downloaded the 64-bit driver since I have Win 10 Pro, but when trying to install the "Next" button goes blank where it says to plug in the Saitek device, and I am stuck. It may be a Win 10 compatibility problem, as I have read many cases where people have lost functionalities after new Win 10 updates - mine says it is up to date. I am close to giving up and am looking at other keyboards that work plainly on standard USB drivers.
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I should have stated in my original post that I don't own the device in question but had details of the driver page I linked because I helped a friend get her old cyborg keyboard working after she initially upgraded to W10. She had a minor hiccup with it when she updated to the Anniversary version as it installed an incompatible driver. She simply rolled back the driver and it functioned OK. Unfortunately, am unable to comment on whether the recent Creators update caused any issues as she no longer has the keyboard.


The only things I can suggest are.....


Not wanting to sound rude, and no offence is intended, with these first two suggestions but it needs to be clarified otherwise you may find yourself just going around in circles chasing a problem that you can't resolve due a simple error.....


Check the version of your OS - are you sure that you have the 64 bit version as Pro comes in both 32 and 64 bit. Trying to install an incompatible bit version of a driver will normally give a warning message but sometimes the only indication is a stalled install.


You have fully unzipped the file contents into a temp location. Most installers do not work correctly in a zipped form.


Try installing the driver using admin rights (if you haven't done so already) and see if the same problem occurs.


If the problem reoccurs try the installation again but when you get to the 'Next' button part, hit it before plugging in the device and see what error message it gives - it should state something like 'Device not found' - and then try connecting it.


You could also try plugging in the device once windows has started and see if its recognized as a new device. Win should then launch an installer program that will give a number of options with regards to which driver to install and its location.


If you still have access to the old W7 PC you could find the name/location of the W7 drivers and grab a copy and then place the copies in the same location in W10 and then see if the keyboard works with them




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Thanks Brian. First my OS is 64-bit, and the file was properly unzipped. I have tried everything you suggested, and the best result was that the backlights came on for 5 seconds after plugging in the Cyborg one time. After that nothing happens, and I could not repeat it. Something is wrong somewhere, and I have to admit that I lost my patience and bought another keyboard that works perfectly! Sorry to be a quitter, but thanks again for your efforts to help.
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