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FSX View Moving on their own


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Hi everyone.


I have this big problem with FSX for some reason i have seen other people also having this issue but its something to do with my views. I have tried searching all over to try and find a fix but for some reason i just cant find one at all. So this is my problem - When im parked up at the gate my views are fine (Virtual Cockpit, and all my other preset views on Chaseplane) but once im on Pushback or taxi or anything but parked up my views start to move on their own, even though i have locked them in Chaseplane, the views still move. I started a flight before i left for school the other day and by the time i had got home my Captain Seat view was right over the other side of the flightdeck for some reason. My addons: Chaseplane, Aerosoft Airbus A320,21 and Quality Wings 787/757. I only seem to have this issue when i fly the Quality Wings 757/787 but it still kinda does it with the Airbus just not as bad (in other words i dont start a flight in the flightdeck and endup in economy class lol) It also did this before i bought Chaseplane i thought that Chaseplane fixed this issue but obviously not. Thanks for reading this, would be great if someone could help me out :)

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