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Bug in jets behind the engines


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Hi to all, I realized that snowy/rainy jets that appear behind engine exausts at full thrust do not line up with engines position. I show it in this attachment, in red circled. The aircraft is a PA's A320, but the issue is in every default aircraft.

I know it's just cosmetic, but is there a way to fix it?



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I've noticed that as well on several occasions.

When taking off in rain/snow, the effect keeps on following you all flight long (whatever the en-route weather). It's most noticeable when watching a replay of an approach, and when taxiing after landing of course.


Not sure, but I think it's the fx_spray.fx effect. You can comment it out in the [Effects] section if you want.



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Hi, I was stopped (brakes on) so it can't be. If you don't apply thrust you can't see that jet. If you move the airplane you can see spraying from the wheels but is different


Brakes can be on while moving (slowing down), and you can't tell either way in a still shot such as that, which is why I said, "...unless you're sitting still."


The SDK says that the SnowEngineWash entry in the aircraft.cfg lets you control the effects file used for that effect, and that using the fx_dummy effects file will effect turn off the effect:




However, the SDK specifically references prop effects, so I don't know whether that will work for the effect from jet engines -- worth a shot, though.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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I see this also sometimes and I can get it when stopped and engines off.


I have thought it was wind activating water spray off the nose wheel, but the fact that the effect is far away from the nose wheel and the spray does not follow the direction of the wind (as it does when you are moving) makes me doubt it.


I carefully checked all my planes for a phantom wheel contact in that area and there is none. I've suspected for a while FSX is sensitive to some feature in the certain 3D models which is invisible. No way to prove it.


I ignore it.


If you insist, you can try commenting in aircraft.cfg:

//WheelWetSpray = fx_WheelWetSpray


I like seeing wheel effects when moving so not worth removing it for me.



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I personally can't stand the snow effect or the rain effect or the rotor wash effect either for that matter, they just look silly IMHO. I replaced all of those effects with a renamed copy of fx_dummy.fx after about the 2nd time I broke ground and saw the snow effect follow me to 10,000' as f16jockey_2 mentioned. Helps performance immensely too because those effects are terrible for causing stutters at the most inopportune time. These are the ones I replaced:










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I haven't had these effects when off the ground and not at 10K that I've noticed in all these years. I don't fly in external view and will only use external for a few seconds, so performance hits are not a factor.


As a developer, I find these wheel effects useful for confirming the correct position of the wheels.


Like Jim says, if these things are a deal breaker for you, can remove them.



2 carrot salad, 10.41 liter bucket, electric doorbell, 17 inch fan, 12X14, 85 Dbm
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