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Alabeo 310 II Cessna Or PA23 Aztec 250 -- possible with default GPS in VC??


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Hi all,:D


Alabeo 310 II Cessna possible with default GPS in VC??


I'm thinking of buying the Alabeo Cessna 350 II. (Or perhaps the Alabeo PA23 Aztec 250.)


Both have a location for a GPS in the VC.


Reading reviews and advertisements I see it has options of:

Flight1 GTN 750* integration

Reality XP GNS530* integration (only for FSX)


But both these GPS units are sold separately, and I'm not looking to buy one of those.


If I do not install one of these GPS units, what does the VC GPS panel display?

Will it remain blank?

Or does it display the default GPS?


Thank you.:)





Tips about another plane to look at, also welcome.

It needs to have a VC much like the Beech Baron layout and functionality. Just looking and feeling slightly better.

The Alabeo C310II and PA23 Aztec 250 were the closest I could find.

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I'm not drawn in by the 'new' GPS that comes with many if not all dual prop GA planes.


I was hoping those "GNS 530" things cold be replaced by the default GPS. (In VC, not as popup.)

It seems it is (at least sometimes) possible.


The post by J van E, Posted May 14, 2010

In this thread (lower down) is what I was looking for.

(That's a different plane, Carenado.)


hope returning...;)

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Hi Folks,


The Carenado/Alabeo GPS is the default GPS with a different skin - unless I’m missing something...


I have both the MilViz C310 and the Alabeo C310 - both are surprisingly good... The MilViz C310 was rated as the best light twin out there by many - specifically looking at the FDE... I’ve flown them side by side - they seem very similar and both fly like a dream...


That said - the Alabeo sound set is pretty poor - I didn’t like it - so I replaced it with the MilViz one made by TSS... The Alabeo C310 is now my “go to” light twin...


One other light twin you may want to consider is the Alabeo Seminole - I recall it was very well received by the community and even the sounds were rated very high... I don’t have this one so no first hand experience...


Best of luck...






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Hi scott,

thanks for chiming in!

I found a manual for the alabeo GNS 530 here:



It looks very different from the default.

Also there is no mention of nav2/com2. (I also found a thread saying they were not there.)

It seems from the .Pdf ha Nav 1 is supposed to be used vor VOR navigation.


I read that an ILS is possible, but it does not seem as straightforward as the default

"GPS/Radio/Alt hld-->Approach" method.


I remember what a problem it was setting radios on the "gps 1000" or whatever it's called in the default King Air glass cockpit version. I want to avoid that stuff.


Do you have a default FSX GPS500/Radio in an alabeo twin?



PS, now also looking closely at the Milviz 310. Fom descriptions it seems very flexible/adaptable. (Responded to old thread by adamb in Screenshots Forum with a question on that.)

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Hi Il,


Happy to help...


Honestly - my biggest pet peeve with both the "default" and Carenado/Alabeo navigation equipment is that you can't do a "Direct To" without blowing away your entered flight plan... This is probably one of the most common directives issued by ATC... On IFR flights - I'm flying with realistic ATC services so I can't use the aforementioned equipment - it's either the F1 GTN or the RXP GNS units for me... The Alabeo C310 is a bit prettier - but the MilViz C310 I would still rate as a solid contender...


While it may not matter - the MilViz unit also has full support for the MilViz/REX Weather Radar...




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Oops, a post didn't get sent. (was supposed to be sent before your last one scott.)


I found a thread here, a review, that says the default GPS is there in the "Flat Radio panel".

(The sales page only tells about the radio and says "other gauges can be installed on the panel" (Not those exact words.)



It's in the "Panel & Systems" section in that review. (Image as well.)

It's hard to find clear info. Loads of threads about the various payware gps options. Very little about this.


Ah well, I need a rest now.:p Will look closer when eyes a bit more rested.

Thanks the help,


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