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FSX Green Message Bar is Empty


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FSX displays a green bar across the display to system messages. With PMDG models I believe it displays something along the line of "Initializing systems...", and if their is incompatibility issues with GSX at a particular airport is displays a notice. The ATIS textual representation doesn't display here either.


I have the green bar, but there is no text in it.


ny thought on what may be wrong and how it could be corrected?

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I've attached a jpg of my display. Notice the green bar ("Informational text" bar) below the menu bar that normally displays messages is empty. This capture was taken with the automated ATIS broadcasting. It should be showing a textual representation of the ATIS message, either single line or continuous (as selected in display settings).




Another unusual display experience I seem to have discovered is the information displayed with CTRL-Z. Please refer to the attched image ... the font is huge.




This is not my first installation of FSX. This most recent reinstallation seems to have produced these odd results. The green bar had always displayed text, and the CTRL-Z font was barely readable with this resolution. I use GSX, ASN, REX amongst others. Resolution of 5760x1080 is achieved by spanning the display across three monitors using Nvidia Surround.

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I think you are on the right track. There is a conflict between your display resolution and the fonts compatibility with your computer. Something is amiss. Three monitors do not help at all. I am in a desktop, one big monitor and res of 1024x768 and my eyes are happy. Hopefully others with more experience will show up and can help you on this problem(s). Best of luck.



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