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FSX Joystick settings lost after exit

Guest jimmyk7051

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Guest jimmyk7051

Hey everyone,


I finally got my joystick settings where I want them and now after I exit FSX then open it again later none of my settings are working. If i go to the settings page none of the assignments are right, they all revert back to default. Can someone please help me out?


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There is a difference between none of them "working" and losing your custom settings.

Technically, the default JS settings "work" for most of us though a few may need some adjustment.


FS saves the Settings and Options when it exits. There are possibilities:

1) The sim is crashing instead of exiting or you are forcing a Kill on it so it cannot save to the file.

2) The file that needs to be written to is protected.

3) You are clicking restore defaults.


On my Win7x64 machine the file is located:


... just one level lower than where the CFG is located.


If that isn't where your is, you can use Explorer to search for it.



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