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I'm completely new to all this, so I started this week by working my way through the Missions - I have FSX Steam Edition. I have repeated any mission when I failed or wasn't happy with it and have now reached the Canyon mission, and its got me foxed. I haven't managed to complete it.


Though the audio says that I can follow the way-markers, I only see one, the one on the right at takeoff. After I get through that there isn't another one to head for, or at least I haven't found it.


The audio refers to speeds at various stages of the flight, but the instrument panel clocks appear as empty holes through which I can see the terrain. Where's the airspeed clock?


I can't find the destination airstrip. I've been flying around trying to follow the direction compass, looked everywhere for the strip. Have run the mission half a dozen times.


Everything was going well till now...



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