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New Install - No option to redirect destination


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I'm using Windows 7 64bit and reinstalling FSX on this new computer. I'm, not getting an option to install anywhere other than the Program 86 folder. I know I'm not supposed to put it there but it installs without asking. Does it hurt anything if I just copy the folder over to my C:\FSX that I created just for this?
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Yes - don’t move it - all the registry entries will be FUBAR... There has to be an option on the install dialogs - no ?






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It is possible to move FSX if no add-ons have been installed (and sometimes even if certain add-ons have been installed). The registry entry can be fixed using the Flight1 registry repair tool.

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The very FIRST question asked during installation is where it should be installed.....




There is no question asked. I pop in the disc and it just starts installing. I never am given the option for any input.

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Yes, of course there is an option to specify the FSX install directory.


However, I have successfully moved a installed game before (not FSX). It involved searching for anything I could think of as far as directories in the Windows registry and changing the folders (There were a lot!). Search 'FSX.exe', 'Flight Simulator', etc. in the registry and you will find several directory paths you need to edit to correct to the moved folder. Also need to change ALL the shortcuts to the new location.


Also there are tools such as CCleaner that will tell you when a registry entry is incorrect.


So as you can see, choosing the install directory in the first place is definitely the way to go.

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