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Barking up the wrong tree


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A few days ago I had a scare when I found I had no sound in fs9 and in fsx.


I started the sims and pressed Q a couple of times, set sound off and then off--then back on and I still had no sound in both sims.

I thought to check and sim cfg files but did not.

Grim thoughts of having to reinstall both sims entered my mind.


Then, by chance, my eye fell to the sound icon and the bottom icon bar of the screen: It had a red x and was muted. I clicked and unmuted it, tried the sims, and I had the sound now.


All's well that ends well, I guess.


Sometimes we look at the wrong places, don't we?


The attachment, by the way, shows one of my watercolor-gouache paintings, a Canadian pilot--Sqn Leader John A. Kent-who fought in the Battle of Britain with a Polish sqn, as its commanding officer.




Athens, Greece

John A. Kent-sm.jpg

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Thank you Tom.


The painting does not look as good as it should as it is a scan of a Greek aviation magazine page where it was published.


I need to scan the original ones--about ten pilots.

Some of those could be used as part of scenery files, say on the door or window of a hangar...I approached Roger Wensley about this possibility, but he does not seem to be interested.


I will send you the paintings once I make good scans.


Nick Tselepides

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