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EHAM by night


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Hi, thanks!:o:pilot:

That pic started as pitch black night. With stars, and colourful airport.

Very nice "Still night air" feeling.

Used "Gimp" to increase: brightness, contrast, and also saturation.

Also in colour balace, selected "highlights" and moved all sliders slightly right (to R, G, and B). (Whith "preserve luminosity" checked.)


Took this one as desktop background, but found it too dark and tiring on the eyes. That's why I made it lighter.

Also thought it would look better on the site then a pitch black one. (Especially after darrenvox's post. Hi Darren!;):D)


Here's the original screenshot. (Converted to .jpg from Gimp at 100% quality.). Probably too dark to see much on it, adding just in case for comparison. I prefer the edited one. It shows more stars.

Happy Flights, il88pp.:cool:


eham by night original.jpg

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Glad you like it.:):D Enjoy the Gouda and Amstel!;)

I love visiting EHAM. Easy approaches, sea level all around, and if you misalign there's always a runway right next to it to head for.

Often make a stop there. (Unfortunately no ATC messages "Cold Heineken waiting for you in the lobby". At least, not yet, I'll keep trying.;))

Happy Fights Peer,


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