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HP Laptop shutting down a few minutes after unplugging charger

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I am working on whiteboard animation software and i have HP Laptop and since a month, it's been having these problems -


1. Despite plugging in the charger 24/7, the battery icon never shows 100% full. It stops between 90-95% available.

2. There's this problem where despite no power fluctuation, or voltage issues, the battery "charging" symbol keeps showing on and off, the battery charging also keeps going on and off, it shows with my screen going dull/bright every few minutes. I've tried charging it in many different places, but it keeps happening everywhere.

3. When I unplug my charger, the laptop has been shutting down after such a less time. Initially, it began with shutting down after 40 minutes of unplugging, and now it's come down to 10-15 minutes. This is despite the battery symbol showing more than 50 % battery.

4. I have stopped getting the "battery is low" notification, which used to appear twice on screen, once around 20% battery and another around 10%. (sorry I forgot exact figures)

5. The glowing button on the left side near the battery pin socket is glowing white (meaning full batter), even though the battery is never full.


It's over an year old(maybe 1.5 years old).


What's wrong with my laptop? Please help me.


Thank you in advance.

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It sounds like the battery needs replacing.


Then again, a little while ago i had a device that wouldn't hold a charge well. That was just a small hand held electric hand drill, not a laptop. So no power indicator or screen, and battery was not removable.

I was considering throwing it away. But then I found a (newer) charger with the same output, and tried that. It worked, battery now charges well and holds full charge.

(that really suprised me btw. I had expected it to be an old NiCad battery and those hold a smaller and smaller full charge until they die after about 6 years anyway. When I looked more closely it turned out to be a NimH battery! Those last much longer, and charge to their full charge all their life. Unexpected for such a cheap hand drill.)


Buying a new aftermarket charger for your laptop could be a lot cheaper than a new battery.


Keeping a charger plugged in 24-7 wears it out. So a new charger might well help. Still, the cause could be a bad battery just as easily. I would buy a charger as a test, as those are only around $20. And even if that turns out to not be the issue, a second charger is a nice asset anyway.


If you decide on a new charger, do check the battery visually first. Take it out of the laptop and check for leaking. Also check for oxidised contact points.

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A number of simple things to try that will give an indication of what the problem may be......


Poor power connection - Check the power cord connection point to ensure that there is no bent pin or debris/muck within it that may cause a bad connection. Also check the lead end as well.


Sometimes, when batteries are left in and the laptop is run constantly on mains power for a long length of time a 'mis-match' between what is called the System Management Controller (SMC), which controls battery management/power options and the battery status light, and the battery can occur. Any one of the symptoms you have described can be an indicator of this 'mismatch'.Two methods to test/reset this are......


1. Battery reset - Turn off the laptop and remove the battery for about 20 seconds before placing it back in the laptop. Take the opportunity to check the condition of the battery for leaks or oxidized connections. Restart the laptop using battery power and then, after a few minutes, reconnect the power cord.


2. SMC reset - Shut down the computer and disconnect the power cord. Remove the battery, press and hold the power button for five seconds and then replace the battery and power cord. Start up the computer.




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Something about removing battery I should have said sooner.


A while back I was 'fixing' a friends laptop. It was a laptop that had been upgraded from win7 to 10.


I tried to get into bios, but it booted straight past the "press Del to enter Bios" option every time.

It took me some time but eventually I realised it never fully shut down. (and probably hadn't had a proper shutdown for months!).


On google I found how to use a win10 option screen during boot to in to 'advanced options' where I could finally get into bios.

I also had to change some option in Windows itself to make it stick. Can't remember exactly, but I think it was in "control panel"-"power options".


(control panel itself was hidden pretty well too. Google helped out. I made a shortcut on the desktop to to control panel once I found it.).


My point is, make sure the laptop does shut down properly, and does not just "go to sleep".

It shouldn't cause much harm, but it's not advisable to remove the battery in sleep mode.

(doing that gives the usual "the system was not shut down properly. -- Doing disk check.." Blah blah when you boot next time. That usually goes well, but still, something to try to avoid.



If your pc was always going to sleep, a clean shutdown may already help.

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