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Eye point adjustment


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When using shift/backspace, or shift/enter to move your eye point up and down, is there a parameter to make it raise/lower in smaller increments within the aircraft.cfg file or in panel.cfg???



This exact q was asked 10 years ago but I did not see any answer. Anyone knows?


Many thanks

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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I'm not aware of smaller increments for the keyboard commands, but you can set the default viewpoint in the panel.cfg [Views] section:


VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=-1.000, 0.000, 0.000


The -1.000 setting is 1 whole degree angled Up. Positive numbers are angled Down.

The next two are bank and heading in degrees.

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For vc, edit:



//lat, long, vertical


In aircraft.cfg file.


Also, first assign to key, then use command

"Look Forward (3D Cockpit)"

instead of contr+space.

(Looks forward in flight without resetting eyepoint as well. No need to adjust with shift+enter etc again.).


Assign to key and or joystick button.

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Hi Top Gun,

I want to be able to use Shift/Backspace and Shift/Enter to move the eye point up or down. But need to raise or lover it in smaller increments. In other words, when I am landing the view of the horizon is too low and I do not see the runway. When lowering the eye point with the single key command the horizon is too high and runway is below. I need to be able to go to the middle.

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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With eyepoint= you can adjust it to the perfect position. You can use decimals in those numbers to fine tune.

Example of decimals:

eyepoint=60.45, -3.21, 2.60


I don't think you can adjust the keypress steps. There is no Event ID for "adjust eyepoint X units"

No, only the regular "eyepoint Up" "Eyepoint down" "Eyepoint left" etc. So no way to set a programmed command with FSUIPC registred either I think.



Try control+enter and control+backspace to move eyepoint back a bit. That can help too.


If you can't see the runway at all during approach your pitch may just be too high. Extend more flaps and or fly faster to lower the nose.


To see if pitch is the issue, do a short flight without adjusting the view. Set view for takeoff so you see the runway. Take off, fly a pattern, land.

Can't see runway then? Fly a lower pitch next time.



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I have had a working cockpit of sorts since 2000 which mean moving the eye point easily is a must in 9 and X I program the arrow keys for forward/back and L/R to (Eyepoint move =) in assignments and the page up and down to move up and down. with a program to extend the distance of the eye point (like cabin view) it just so easy and a one off tweak. For further advice post or email.

PS. The keys used are only for flying with no controller.



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