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Buying from Pilotshop


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I have recently bought 2 items from Pilotshop, they advertise the price as XX, I click on it to buy and I download the software, but the full price is XXX because they are sending me the disk, I may be missing something but is there a facility if I don't want the disk and I am happy with just the download for price of XX instead of the price of XXX?


I'm not being tight but I'm on a pension and need to watch my money.

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Ah thanks, I obviously missed that Doh!


On this subject I just had another problem from 'SimMarket' I already have FS Repaint but it is an older version it won't work on 64bit so I bought V2, I downloaded it but then it asks for the serial which was not supplied, I sent them a message.

Again I might be losing the plot if it is there somewhere, I looked in my email confirmation of the sale and in my account on their site but nothing, I'm having some problems lately lol.

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