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Navigation questions


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I have a couple of questions regarding navigation procedures.


I was flying a flight plan that was roughly north but one leg was slightly west and the other was slightly east. I'm not sure what my flight level should be odd or even or whether I change levels based of the direction of the leg I'm on.


I was looking at some approach charts and noticed one with a lot of step down altitudes for an ILS landing. I was not using ATC in FSX. Once I have the glide slope can I just follow that assuming there are no obstacles or do I adhere to the altitudes per the chart even after the GS is live ?

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In the U.S., as mentioned above, odd east and even west. That means with a heading (not course) from 0º-179º you fly at odd thousands -- 3000, 5000, etc. -- when at or above 3000 feet AGL, if IFR, add 500 feet to that VFR. If your heading is 180º-359º you fly at even thousands -- 4000, 6000, etc. -- IFR or add 500 feet if VFR.


This rule applies when not assigned an altitude by ATC -- ATC altitude assignments take precedence over this rule.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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