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Is it possible to do without a xxxxx_background image? (when making an .xml gauge.)


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Is it possible to create a gauge without a background image?


Sorry, probably very straightforward answer, but not an easy search term,

no clear results from Google, and my brain is mush.


I have several that start like this:



(where xxxxxxxx is a name)


I would like to do without the line:


Reason, in many gauges the background image is just a black rectangle.

In a panel section ( [WindowXX]-section) I just found out, an image is not needed.

I was hoping it was possible to do without image in a gauge as well.


gsaauge i'm looking at at the moment is xml.

Made with Ace.exe.

Simple text/number showing IAS/ Mach/ Hdg/ Wind speed/ etc.


Has black background image.

I was hoping to do without.


I was also hoping to re-write it to a non-Ace format, so it will work in FS9 as well.

So this question is more directed at "once rewritten, is this an option.

Or, in other gauges of mine, Non-Ace, is this easily possible?


(Question is Not: 'How to do this in Ace." Please don't explain that, as I said, my brain is mush.)


Is it as simple as just not adding the line?!


Thanks in advance,


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Hah! Got ift for the Ace.exe one I was looking at.








(In short, replaced: )







It works great!


Found that here, in the first post. (creative reading.).





no image no more.JPG


Happy Flights!


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At a closer look:

-the image in post 1 is different from post #3. In post 1 I was still using a background. It was actually a grey rectangle.

-Post# 4, No background image.

I thought, gauge makes black background by itself.

Wrong, I see now.

Reading the thread I linked, I see that I actually ended up making the gauge transparant. The black you see is the result of

the colour of the 2D panel background. (In this case no image in the [WindowXX] section either, just a line with 0,0,0 as colour definition in the panel.cfg file.)


All fine for a popup panel.

But of course people would try to do things with the background. (Putting the gauge on a main panel, or perhaos trying to increase the size of my [WindowXX ] section, changing it's colour, perhaps adding more gauges.)


I would like:

"to define not only a size in the gauge, as I did now, but also a colour."

Where that the gauge "paints it own background black", without the 2D panel background shining

through. Yet without having to add any images.


Thoughts? Would be very welcome!


I'm thinking: "those boxes (containing either text, or speeds) in the gauge, were already black in post 1.

Maybe define such a box at the start of the gauge? (WIthout content.)

And hope the other boxes still appear on top?


It's been a while since I did this gauge. Starting Ace seems like a huge hurdle. Would hate to do that without being sure there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Could someone give indication if that would go anywhere?


Thnaks much!


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Fixed it.

This was the issue- Image:




Now fixed by adding an extra element before all the others. Code below.




Like so:


(Be Aware: ID's and filenames blanked out!!!)

AceXML Document





Now works as planned! Not a single image needed. Can use it as a 2D panel, using no background image in the panel.cfg either.

And those who want can place it on a main panel too if desired.

Happy Chappy!


Thanks for listening guys.:D;)

Wiggle Wiggle!



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