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Adding Freeware Airports


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Hi I wonder if anyone can tell me if I add freeware addon airports to FSX will it mess up the other addons that I have installed ie GEX,UTX,REX and Soft Clouds ,I'm trying to improve FSX Airports but not at the cost of ruining the installation I have which is running fine,i think everyone likes to have good looking airports anyway any advice ,sugestions would be much appreciated.


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Usually adding freeware airport scenery upgrades is pretty easy to do and more importantly

undo! I have done many over the years. Most downloads will yield a folder with the airport name or ICAO code like KSAN or KLAX, etc. This folder will have a Scenery folder and a Texture folder inside of it. The README file for the download will usually say install the (KLAX) folder into your Addon Scenery folder. Once that is done, you start FSX and go into FSX/Settings/Scenery Library and add the (KLAX) scenery to your Sim.


Next you will want to go to that airport and check it out and see if everything is OK. If you see any problems then it's easy to remove that scenery from the Library and then delete the folder from the Addon Scenery folder. No harm, no foul!

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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