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Selling my Home Cockpit - Boeing 737


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Hi flightsimmers,


After flying alot of hours in the hobby project of me and my dad, we decided to sell our 737. We had alot of fun with it but its time for something else..


We're definitely not asking the jackpot.. and have it listed for €10.000,-


2x Seats of real aircraft

1x Yoke Captain side PRO (Aircraft Controls Engineering)

1x Saitek yoke FO

1x Throttle Quadrant Gold Version Fully Motorized (Cockpit4you)

2x Saitek Rudders (rebuild to real-look)

8x Flight Illusion Gauges






*Brake pressure

*Duct. pressure

*Fuel Temp.


1x CDU (opencockpits)

1x CDU Dummy (with backlight) (opencockpits)

1x Overhead panel (assambled with units of opencockpits)

1x Mip Aluminium (opencockpits)

1x Pedestal (self build)

3x Instrument panel (Saitek) (for controlling ATC)

2x Radio Panel (Saitek) (for changing frequences)

1x MCP 737 PRO (cpflight)

1x EFIS 737 PRO (cpflight)

1x EFIS 737 Regular (cpflight)


This cockpit is stationed in Enschede, Holland. Near the German border.











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