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FSX error code 1-80004005


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I recently upgraded my FSX Hard Drive and cloned it with my FSX old drive. Upon trying to run FSX I got the error code to reactivate FSX with no screen to do so. I then inserted the FSX disk and selected repair mode as suggested by a number of search hits. As soon as I reinstalled SP2 I got the same message again with no option to reactivate. After messing around for about 4 hours I found that if I ran FSX selecting 'run as administrator' everything was good. I've been running now for 2 hours with no issues. I didn't find any searches to validate my findings but hey, if it works maybe it will work for you! My system is a Asus H270 plus, Intel Core I5 7500. All my add ons are functioning too, UTX, GTX, etc. Hope this helps somebody.
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