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AI Aircraft and Flightplan and STB problems


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Hello there,


I am facing a strange problem.

I have created a lot of flight plans before with AIFP v3, but now I have reinstalled the FSX and when I created a new custom flight plan all my ai flights have flight number 1 and they do not go over 10000 ft after departing even the flight plan says the correct things (example FN3456 FL360.


As I said I have done the plan right so the problem is not in it.


Also, I have Super Traffic Board and it shows the same flight number 1 all off the ai aircrafts. How ever it does not detect any of the airports correctly, I think this is because the same problem. Before it worked fine.

I think I am missing a file in the fsx directory what is causing the problem.


Any help would be great as I could not find anything on the net.



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