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Installing Scenery and Aircraft, need a refresher for P3D


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just experimenting with PrePar3Dv4 and realising after several years break I've forgotten how to install scenery and aircraft (well, for P3D I've never installed these things :-) ).

Is there a tutorial that explains both these topics?

For scenery I used to drop the files into the relevant directories in FSX but with P3D I would like to keep everything separate to avoid instability and crashes.

I'm using an XML tool to add scenery (PrePar3D Add-on Organiser) but when it comes to World/Textures, Effects, Traffic files, BGL's and AI aircraft, in other words things that are not just `scenery` I'm not sure what to do with them or where to put them.

As for add-on aircraft I've not really got a clue what to do?

Any help would be appreciated.





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Hello Ted,


BGLs are scenery - it doesn't matter that there are AI flightplans in them. You install them just like any other scenery.


The rest are "Other addons" in the Addon Organizer terminology. You go to that tab, press "Add component" and take it from there. Your best strategy is to install them like you did in the old days, but instead of right into the simulator directory, you simply put them somewhere else, and use the Addon Organizer to create XML files that reference them.


For example, I made a single folder where all legacy aircraft are being installed, complete with a fake FSX.EXE. I use a single XML file to reference all of the content (SimObjects, Gauges, Effects, Sound).


Be warned though that there will be issues if you are using legacy content (=scenery, aircraft from FSX/ FSX:SE). Programmatic modules, "DLLs" (C++ gauges, tools etc) from that era will not work in P3D V4 - period. There is no magic trick and no migration tool, it is simply technologically impossible.

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