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I'm 50 years old and I hold Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor, and Ground Instructor Certificates.


I learned to fly in 1993. As soon as I got out of college and started working an office job, I had a salary and I used that money to fund my first flight lesson at the university aviation club.


Feb 1993 - Started flight lessons in Piper PA-28

Dec 1993 - private pilot ASEL

Mar 1994 - got checked out in a Cessna

Nov 1994 - added instrument rating

Dec 1994 - added ASES rating

Dec 1994 - complex signoff

Jan 1995 - high performance signoff

Feb 1995 - upgraded to commercial certificate ASEL and added AMEL+instrument rating

Apr 1995 - Flight Instructor certificate ASE

June 1995 - bought my first airplane (with a co-owner)

Sep 1995 - added Multi Engine (MEI) and Instrument (II) to flight instructor certificate

Nov 1995 - upgraded ASES rating to commercial

Feb 1996 - Tailwheel signoff

Feb 1996 - added AMES rating

Feb 1996 - added glider rating to pilot certificate

Mar 1996 - added Rotorcraft Gyroplane rating to commercial certificate and CFI certificate

Apr 1997 - added Glider rating to CFI certificate

Aug 1997 - added balloon rating

summer 2000 - worked as a seaplane pilot for an air taxi service

Mar 2008 - ATP certificate



What type of aircraft have you flown, maintained, or worked around?

Most of my time is in Piper and Cessna singles. Also have about 100 flights in gliders, and several hundred hours in Lake Amphibian seaplanes.


How long have you been flying? 24 years


Tell us about any aircraft you have owned.

Piper PA-24 Comanche (single engine retractable)

Lake LA-4 Amphibian (single engine retractable flying-boat seaplane)

Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer (single engine retractable flying-boat seaplane)

Raven RX-6 (hot air balloon)


What organizations are you involved in such as Young Eagle programs, AOPA, EAA, etc.?

I have done a ton of flying and flight instructing for Civil Air Patrol over the last 21 years. Have also done quite a bit of volunteer flying with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.


If you are an instructor, mechanic, avionics technician, fly an F-18 Hornet, Cessna 152 or ultralight we want to hear about it.


I've been flight instructing for 21 years and most of my instructional flights have been for Civil Air Patrol. I've given a bunch of flight reviews and instrument instruction over the years but the only students I ever soloed or got all the way their private or instrument checkrides were civil air patrol cadets (high school and college students).

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Welcome indeed! Always good to have a lot of real-world (where-ever that is!) available to draw on :D

One question, if I may. I have a couple of grown (now) step-children, a man and woman, who, when they were in High School were in CAP. Very proud of both. This was in Indiana, very near the city of Indianapolis. None of my business, of course, and please, if you feel it isn't feel free to tell me so, but were you a CAP instructor near there, by any chance?

It would just be quite a coincidence if you taught my step-children, is all :D

Nice to meet you, no matter what!



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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