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"Screenshot" of Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


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Hi All,


While it's not technically a screenshot I thought I'd let you know about this.


I teach a paramedic class in the second floor of the Hill Country Chapter of the Commemorative Air Force hanger.


They have a DC 3, the Texas Belle. The Belle was outside being shined up for the annual airshow. I got to talking with the crew. As we were talking they told me that as they were working on the plane they got a call. They were asked if they could fly supplies into Beaumont and other areas around Houston in the aftermath of Harvey. They fueled up and flew to an airport just south of Austin, picked up 4,000 lbs of supplies and flew them to Beaumont. They returned and flew a second load as well.


Hats off to this folks for a job well done with a beautiful old girl.


Texas Belle 1.jpg

Bill Mattson


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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