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Glowingheat A-12 Cygnus V1.1 Update - Disappearing VC


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Hi All:


I recently purchased and downloaded the V.1.1 update for the Glowingheat Lockheed A-12 Cygnus yesterday (I use FSX Gold Edition with Windows 10 64-bit OS). I noticed that the main VC panel will "flicker" on and off intermittently. The console will disappear completely, leaving open sky - the model and the popup panels appear to remain unaffected when this happens. It usually occurs on takeoff on the initial climb-out. However, about halfway through a couple of flights in the A-12 and the M-21/D-21 from Beale AFB to Mildenhall AB, the VC panel completely vanished and stayed "off", leaving just open sky again. I tried to cycle through the different views to reload it, but no luck. Interestingly, though, when I pan down or sideways using my joystick "hat" key (or the moving my mouse pressing ctrl+spacebar), the controls will briefly reappear, but will immediately disappear when I try to look directly at a "forward"vantage point of view.


I tried implementing two of the three following fixes described by the following forums, but no luck so far (I'm concerned I'll irrevocably mess up my video and sound cards in the process - trying to "minimize trauma" if possible!!):


https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/2354 ... isappears/


https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/4030 ... l-cockpit/


https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index. ... -fix-here/


I posted the problem on Glowingheat's forum and am currently awaiting a response. I was just curious if any of you had experienced this problem and/or solved it in the meantime.


Thanks very much for all your help!!



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Update: Hi Everyone: so, after corresponding with Mr. David Bushell at Glowingheat, the issue appears to be with the exterior .mdl files for the a-12 and the m-21 V1.1 (it's related to his use of a tool he used to reset the bounding box to centralise the aircraft in the FSX menu). Mr. Bushell informs me that he will update the installers in all shops with the fixed exterior .mdl files accordingly.
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