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Computer up again = more scenery development


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The computer is running again, though very cautiously. It seems that I have a faulty Corsair RM850, so I do run FSX or P3dv4 for only short period of times. Yesterday it was a short hop with the Carenado Premier, KMIA to South Bimini.

Now I hope to get back to putting the scenery packages together. There is also a Youtube link to a new video:







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Great pics. of your Premier and Bimini Bernardo. Some fine work with the video of it too! :cool: :cool: :cool: :D

I feel your pain with the flaky power supply. I had to get a new PC just after the first of the year and had to reinstall everything again. Lucky that I had several backups of my important files.


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Oh, btw, just to let you know, not that it's very important, I wanted to to get a sneaky preview from your scenery, but someone made a small mistake (not me as you know). I think I'm not too far away, so, can you please call the Coast Guard? Yes? Thanks. Perhaps I can arrange a free membership of the von Peerhoven World Wide Fanclub for you. Ok?



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A rescue ship left as soon as the SOS call came from H.R.H. They even searched a nearby deserted inlet, but all they found is the sinking plane and this:


If you look closely at the picture of me (so shy I erased the face) with one of my girlfriends, you can however catch a glimpse of our missing Von Peerhoven, just look at my girlfriend's sunglasses. He is a royal perv for sure.


Thanks for the comments Larry, KCD and Jan:)


Jan, This island has a seaport attached to it, specially for you.;)



Beach girls California -5DT.jpg


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:rolleyes:Jan, goodness, what's up with the waaay oversized hat?

See, that happens when too many beers and girls mix, hope you at least got to meet them. Shy they ain't.:)

Adam, thanks much for the comments, and very nice of you to share that picture of H.R.H. talk about a beer belly.:D

Here are some more pics just to give you an idea of how much work is being put into the whole Bahamas. The pictures are of Congo Town, and then flying over MYAB and MYAF. enjoy!!






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