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Trying times, need help.


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Over the past few years, I have made many good friends here. This site has been my escape from the reality of a life as a 24-7 caregiver to my dear wife of 56 years who fought the valiant fight against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Parkinson’s disease for better than 20 years. For an hour, or so, each morning, early, before she woke, I would come here, read and respond, and like Walter Mitty, fly. It relieved the tension in a way.


On August 12th at 7:40 Am, my wonderful friend, partner and love passed away; I cried for hours. That was the first response. Next came the realization that a rather significant part of me died with her. You cannot live as closely as we did for as long as we did without there being a melding between the two. When I finally stopped crying, I began to feel the void left in me by her passing. Believe me, there’s no filling that void!


I find myself entering a new phase now. I have to gather something of a life and soldier on. I want to say right here, I’m not looking for sympathy, all that does is bring back the sadness. What I’m looking for is honest assistance. I have a new computer, a new Dell, a laptop (I’m not sticking around home, I’ve got to go away for a while and try to heal) that’s reasonably fast. Not ideal for FS9, but it will work. I’ve loaded FS9 to the”C” drive (not the program files), and it seems to run just fine. Here’s where I would like some assistance. I have downloaded 100% of Sascha’s EVO, but I’m at a complete loss as to what to do next. His instructions (with my mind the way it is) are not easy to follow. Can someone uses, or has used EVO, assist me in setting this up? Give me some easy to follow instructions, please?


I hope that once done, I can at least enjoy my FS9 and use it to kill some of the hours of anguish I face daily.




Kee C. Dobra

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Hi Kee, my thoughts are with you.

I'm also using FS9 on my laptop, with all 0f the Ford Tri-Motor's scenery in a separate install, combined with Howard's The Natural World's add-on. I surpose that is similar to EVO.

& I also added in the Golden Wings textures.


Cape Town, South Africa

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Hello Kee, sorry for your loss.

I have used fs9 EVO, but i would look for orbx converted textures for fs2004. they are better in my sight and combined with full enviroment 9,it is the way to go.

https://togapjcts.wixsite.com/toga/full-environment-9 ---- this is the FE9 link

https://www.4shared.com/rar/rOkmyHedba --- this is the orbx link. to download, click download, it will direct you to the next screen, and on the right hand side, it will say download. click it, click log in with google, skip, and it will have a countdown from 60. once it hits zero, it will download. copy the textures into the texture folder and boom, your good.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PZxB_JqbPvularhD3JVwA ---- WATCH THIS GUY

this guy has very good tutorials, and has helped my sim a ton.

when you downloaded fs9EVO, take the 3d lights, and put the full one in the sim, not the light version. then you will have amazing textures. for trees use these:


hope this helps :)

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I too am sorry for your loss. I lost my wife of almost 33 years two years ago after a long illness...

And like you, I then immersed myself in our little hobby of flight simming to pass the hours. I proceeded to buy a good desktop gaming PC, plus a lot of FSX pay ware. I was also a 24/7 caregiver, so I never really had the time to spend flying for any length . All I can say is the loss does not really leave the room, so I now try to think of only the good times and good memories...






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Hey Buddy,


Others here said my little laptop wouldn't be able to handle FSX but it does a passable job, at least for me. I did make a separate partition on the hard drive specifically for my FS "stuff" (my HDD is 1 TB so I've got plenty of space). It really helps.


I routinely check in here on flightsim.com. First thing I do is look at the newest posts, especially the ones you and Charlie (Mr Zippy), and Peer put up or answer. Love the banter.


Today, as I do most Tuesdays, I pick up a friend of mine and he and I go have coffee for an hour or two. He has Parkinson's and it's not the easiest for him to get around. Both of us enjoy getting out and just chat with a friend. Today after coffee we went to a new, used book store here in town. Both of us picked up a couple of books we wanted. All in all a win-win for us both today.


Let us know how things work out with your confuser and the programs, etc.


You will be in my prayers, my friend.



Bill Mattson


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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I routinely check in here on flightsim.com. First thing I do is look at the newest posts, especially the ones you and Charlie (Mr Zippy), and Peer put up or answer. Love the banter.




Ears perk up as my name is mentioned. Klee, we are all here to help in any way we can. If there are answers I'll do my best to help!



Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Sorry for your lose. Been there done that. I'm 36 going on 37 in October and as soon as my mom turned 60 her health went down hill. She had to get a quadruple bypass and three months after that had a non cancerous (thank God!) mass removed from her thyroid. Her knees have been a great source of pain and it's due to bone spurs and degeneration in the knee or something. Her veins have calcified which has caused inflammation so her legs are always swollen and her back is in terrible shape. On top of all that crap she works as a lousy housekeeper making less than what they pay at McDonalds slaving away in a hot and humid nursing home. I kept telling her to just retire, but she insists the Med insurance is worth it. I would be absolutely heart broken come the day my mom finally does move on from this life to the next. I've put up with the death of pets, my grandma whom was in hospice at our house and last year my cousin who died of stage four cancer. The pain is great, but over time it gets better and I know they are always there. It's just that they moved on to a different place beyond space and time. Something we can't comprehend in this world. I guess what makes matters worse is when you care for that person for so long.


As to your FS question. I would take HornetAircraft's advice and use Orbx. I did try Evo back then when I used FS2004 and didn't care for it all that much. If you have FSX I found out on here about an AWESOME night lightly add-on called Black Marble. https://shop.chrisbelldesigns.com/


Best of luck, God bless and always know that your loved one is not gone forever, just moved on and is always there.

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Hello Kee

A very moving post ,and my thoughts are with you.

In the last fifteen years I have lost both my parents .. both suffered the ravishes of dementia.

My fathers last few years were truly horrendous.

Along with fellow posters I wish you well.

I hope continuing with fs9 will give you great pleasure and some peace of mind.

I personally find it a very calming (most of the time☺)pursuit.


Good luck



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Hi Kee,


I have added you and your family to my prayers. This is a tough time but this too shall pass. Remember, this is only a temporary separation as you will both be reunited again one day.


As for help I would suggest you find someone you are close with who can help and use TeamViewer. It is a free program that will allow someone else to see your screen and manipulate your computer and fix things up for you.


Hope this helps,

Ross G.

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